Ambitic is passionate about two things:

Helping businesses create stronger connections and closing deals.

We understand that you got into business to help people.

Now, let us help you generate more leads by using tactical strategies with ambitious individuals.  

Less work. More leads.

Our Services

Ambitic offers a unique sales and marketing background.

Between leading multiple top 10 Canadian sales teams and rolling out national marketing strategies, our ambitious team brings your business, the best in marketing and sales tactics.

That’s the Ambitic way. 


Lead Generation

We specialize in lead generation and sales prospecting like you’ve never seen before. Also included is ongoing sales coaching to help close the leads we bring!

We offer both B2B & B2C strategies.


Social Media Marketing

Tired of posts with no traction?

We’ve got a strategy for that, as well as ongoing coaching to help you with posting stories on the fly and content creation. 


Email Marketing

Keep clients informed, create opportunities, and remain top of their mind. Stay connected to customers through emails that give them a reason to click!

Our emails boast a 40-60% open rate!



Does your website work? Can people find you online?

Let us help increase your online visibility by optimizing your website for search engine traffic with the right keywords!  


Sales Training

Having a hard time curating customer relationships or closing leads?

Let our Award Winning Sales Trainer work with you and close more deals!

Can We Help You Grow?

Have you heard yourself saying the following:

If you said, "Yes" , we can help you with:

Perks of Working With Us:

No Locked-In Contracts.

We offer month by month or quarterly service agreements.

Are we the right fit for you?

We want to help your business grow. You want to make sure we're the right fit. No obligation conversations and no locked in contracts.
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Marketing Support

We're ready to help you grow authenitcally and organically in your marketing efforts

Chat with our Marketing Mentor

With a diverse background in local, provincial and national marketing campaigns, Jess will help you align your campaigns to your business goals.
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Ongoing Sales Coaching

Close more leads with ongoing coaching, tailored to your business!

Chat with our Sales Leader

Having lead multiple top 10 sales teams in Canada, Chris will help your team close more deals with less effort.
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